Creating premium chocolate is an art that requires great skill, dedication and passion, and the Master Chocolatiers of LINDT are the masters of this craft.

LINDT Master Chocolatiers develop and refine our unique secret recipes with absolute devotion. The trademark LINDT is the guarantee for premium chocolate of distinct smoothness, characteristic taste and innovative flair. Every single piece is created by our unmatched passion for high-quality chocolate. It’s a tradition the LINDT Master Chocolatiers have carried on since 1845.

Meet the LINDT Master Chocolatiers and learn more about the passion each and every one brings to LINDT.

Dimo Simatos, Head Chocolatier

Dimo is one of the finest pastry chefs in South Africa. His formal training began with the City and Guilds pastry course and continued in the USA, France and Switzerland. He has helped to establish many pastry brigades in five-star hotels in South Africa he was, for example, the Head Pastry Chef at the One & Only.

He represented South Africa at the United States Culinary Classic Competition, the Culinary Olympics in Germany and the Culinary Challenge in Singapore. However, he never forgets that his love affair with chocolate began at a young age, tasting confectionary at a local confectionery shop in Johannesburg.